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Flare 3
Flare 3
Flare 3

Flare 3


Recommended Uses

Seedworx™ Flare 3 is ideally suited to coating corn seed in combination with fungicides and/ or insecticides. Designed for film coating where low dust off is required.


Features & Benefits

  • Seedworx™ Flare 3 allows you to benefit from a polymer that ensures seed treatments designed to protect the seed, stay on the seed where they are of most value.
  • Seedworx™ Flare 3 has one of the lowest dust-off profiles available in the market today and produces results well below-accepted standards in the seed treatment industry.
  • Treat your corn seed with confidence, use Seedworx™ Flare 3.
  • Improved safety for the seed and the environment.
  • Germination levels are maintained, when used according to recommendations, even under stress conditions of wet and cold combined.
  • Seedworx™ Flare 3 still has a glossy appearance and will enable your treated seed to flow through equipment more easily.
  • Easy cleaning of equipment after use.
  • All Seedworx™ products are free from APEO (NPE) additives.
  • Seedworx™ Flare 3 is also compliant with the EPA 40CFR180 exemptions.
  • Seedworx™ Flare 3 has good flowability and good plantability.
  • Allowed for use as seed coating binder for seed treatment in Dutch, German and Italian organic agriculture. 
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