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Seedworx™ Agro1009 is suited for coating cereal seeds in combination with fungicides or other additives. It is designed for film-coating where low dust-off is required. 


  • Seedworx™ Agro1009  can be used at low application rates (4-6g/kg) depending on the final visual appearance.
  • It results in good flowability, playability, and low dust-off profiles in coated seed lots.
  • Seedworx™ Agro1009 allows you to benefit from a seed coating, ensuring that the seed treatment designed to protect the seed, stay's on the seed, where it is the most valuable.
  • When used correctly seed germination quality is maintained even under stressful environments. 
  • The seed treatment equipment is easy to clean after application.
  • It is available in the colors RED and GREEN


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