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Bio-Friendly 1 (Binder / Coating)
Bio-Friendly 1 (Binder / Coating)
Bio-Friendly 1 (Binder / Coating)

Bio-Friendly 1 (Binder / Coating)


Recommended Uses

A specialized polymer designed to give greater protection when applied with rhizobia, both in peat or liquid form.


Can be used for filmcoating, encrustment and pelleting. Suitable for both small and large seed legumes.


Features & Benefits

Seedworx™ Bio Friendly 1 not only has great binding properties but has superior attributes when it comes to extending the longevity of rhizobia and other selected micro-organisms on the treated seed.

Seedworx™ Bio Friendly 1 can be used as seed film coating or as a binder in encrustment and/or pelleting of seed where micro-organisms are included. It contains no pigments and has a neutral cream color. 

Since 2018, Seedworx™ Bio Friendly 1 may be used as a seed application product in Dutch and German Organic farming and has been taken up into various European Input lists. Seedworx™ Bio Friendly 1 is furthermore registered in the European Input List for organic production and complies with EU legislation (EC No 834/2007 & EC No 2018/848) on organic production in agriculture.

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