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Seed coating

Seed coating

As the seed is the central focus of everything you do and everything we do, it needs to be carefully packaged to enable it to reach its fullest potential.

The seed coating products that are uniquely formulated by Centor's own dedicated research team for the premium Seedworx™ range offers added value in the minimisation of dust, improved flow through seed treatment facilities, enhanced plant-ability and the best-looking seed. We have customised our products to meet the demand for more environmentally sensitive requirements thereby allowing organic farmers and producers to benefit from seed coatings that have the same levels of quality as standard coatings. ‚ÄčAlthough we have products used in organic agriculture, the ever-changing market led us to develop a new range of Seedworx™ coatings in our BioBased platform, which are developed from natural resources and can also be used in mainstream markets. We truly value forward-thinking and from our research and development pipeline, we look towards adding greater benefits in terms of nutrition, bio-based and biological products.

‚ÄčAs one of the most comprehensive seed technology groups, with products that span seed coating treatment machinery, seed drying and speciality coating materials we can help you to combine them all to get more effective results. 

For those operating in price-sensitive markets or with seed from commodity crops that don't require all the technical advances, Centor has the ezi-cote™range of seed coating and binder materials to ensure we have a product offering that fits.


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