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Core values

Core values

  • Independent: in an industry where seed and CP companies amalgamate on a daily basis we strive for independence and objectivity. Staying true to ourselves 
  • Leadership: we are all deeply committed in our area of responsibility and leaders in our field achieved through listening well to our stakeholders
  • People: we act on the conviction that men and women alike, related to CENTOR EUROPE, will always be our most important asset. 
  • Planet: we care about the environment and realize that this is not only our legacy to our children and generations beyond but also the foundation in which we secure and produce our food supply for the future.
  • Integrity: we say what we do and do what we say
  • Trust: we are determined to be the best in what we do and what matters most and believe to create a company environment of trust in which we can excel. 
  • Passion: we share a passion for the company, its people, products, and customers
  • Accountability, ownership, compliance, socially responsible, purpose, innovation, honesty, ethics, trustworthiness, respect, progress, creativity, leading, morality, teamwork, competent, principles, character, attitude, business, energetic, excellence, inspiring, achievement, perseverance, discipline, education, focus, priority, expert, example, direction, code, value, industry, goals, positive, involved, commitment, respect

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