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CENTOR EUROPE is a young, dynamic and innovative Dutch-based company specializing in providing seed coating technologies and products, analytical equipment and services as well as advice and training to the Seed industry.  Although young the company has more than 21 years of experience in the global seed and seed technology industry. 


CENTOR EUROPE is a proud member and exclusive distributor of the Centor Group in Europe and neighbouring countries. Our activities are based on a business partnership approach, putting the customer first, whereby offering flexible solutions for your seed coating and technology needs.


The Ezi-coteTM and SeedworxTM seed coating polymer ranges, such as the Vivid 2, Blaze 5, Flare 1 and Flare 3 coatings are off the highest industry standards, all environmentally accepted and include colourants which are EPA compliant and NO additives associated with plastics. We also offer the market a Bio Friendly solution to stick Rhizobia inoculants or other micro-organisms to the seed while securing their longevity. And if you are not interested in the complete formulation we can offer you either a neutral binder (Stix) or SeedworxTM water-based colourants to use in combination with your binder formulation.


Our pelleting powder for horticultural crops we like to keep just as simple. Our SeedWorx EasyOn was developed to include a binder. SeedWorx EasyPel allows even more flexibility in sizing, shaping and finishing the pellet in combination with a suited Stix binder, resulting in a great, lightweight, strong and low dust pellet especially when finished with Finishing Powder Max. SeedWorx EasySow is a blend that can be used for an encrustment of large seeds such as sunflower or corn, this product when used in combination with one of our SeedworxTM Stix binders can bring this seed up to size with the rest of the seed lot eliminating those planting issues.


CENTOR EUROPE offers the seed industry access to DRYCHAIN technology. A drying technology where we take drying to the field before seed reaches the processing warehouse. Based on the principle of hygroscopic beads we have developed a seed drying system in which seed is dried safely, efficiently and effectively. Make it dry – Keep it dry. Following this is also the DryStore also through the drying beads including a dry box used to store or transport seeds under ambient conditions safely.


Through our analytical services, we offer the industry access to various testing capabilities for Heubach dust-off or seed flowability testing, but also more advanced testing with the multispectral Videometer.


Why the name "Centor"? 

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