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EASYCRUST is a powder blend especially selected and suited for the encrusting (weight increase) of the seed of pasture crops such as alfalfa, teff, and clover (25-30% weight increase). It can be used in combination with the Seedworx™Stix 1 binder for best application and results.

When used in combination with Rhizobium or any other microbiological we do recommend the use of our Seedworx™ BioFriendly 1 binder. Correct application of the binder and coating will result in a dust-free pellet securing a good recovery and survivability of the seed-applied biological organism. 

Alternatively, the encrusted product can also be over-coated with Seedworx™ Fortify or Blaze 5 for further sealing, dust reduction, and protection or colored with one of the colored film coating products.  

EASYCRUST is easy to apply, keeps the machine clean, and results in a dust-free white encrusted product in minutes.  

EASYCRUST conforms to EC NO 2018/848 and has been approved as a seed treatment aid in organic agriculture in various European countries.  


EASYCRUST is very versatile and can also be used as a drying powder or as a finishing powder to improve and enhance the seed colorant. 


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