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SeedWorx™ A-Grow VEG
SeedWorx™ A-Grow VEG

SeedWorx™ A-Grow VEG

Biostimulant seed treatment for horticultural crops

A-Grow VEG is an all-around biostimulant seed treatment specially formulated for horticultural crops. It contains specially formulated and key nutrients, amino acids, trace elements, and vitamins from seaweed and plant extracts. The resulting seed coating will lead to treated seed expressing improved vitality in germination and seedling development under suboptimal conditions or abiotic stresses.  


It allows the seedling to increase its nutrient absorption. The specifically developed seed treatment formulation allows you to apply the biostimulant in an effective, homogeneous, and consistent way on the seed. The formulation allows for a good quality finish, low abrasion, and low dust of the treated seed lot. It is furthermore possible to use the formulation in combination with other seed treatment packages

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