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SeedWorx™ BioSA
SeedWorx™ BioSA
SeedWorx™ BioSA

SeedWorx™ BioSA

Biological seed treatment on broad variety of crops

Seedworx™ BioSA was developed for Soybean but has functionality on a large variety of crops, including beans, brassicas, cucurbits, leafy and fruiting vegetables as well as root and bulb forming vegetables. Its unique formulation has excellent durability and shelflife, premium performance record and an environmentally friendly profile. Furthermore, it is compatible with a large scale of seed-applied treatments. 


Seedworx™ BioSA contains the following biologicals in its composition;

- B. amyloliquefaciens 

- B. subtilis

The formulation is a liquid viscous concentrate.


The multiple biological strains provide a dual treat response to product performance. It produces plant hormones whereby stimulating root growth and root hair development allowing for improved nutrient uptake. Improved root mass allows for better aid in abiotic stress mitigation. Seedworx™ BioSA amplifies the traditional plant growth process and it is environmentally friendly. Its low rate usage allows for easy application in existing seed treatment packages. 


Please see the application chart in the download section of this page for application rates and dosages. 

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