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SeedWorx™ BioMA

SeedWorx™ BioMA

Biological seed treatment for Corn and Sweetcorn

Biological seed treatment for the large volume agricultural sector. Specifically formulated as a seed treatment on Corn and Sweetcorn. The unique formulation has excellent durability and shelflife, premium performance return and friendly environmental profile. It is supplied in a stable liquid format that can be applied at very low dosage application rates and is compatible across a large scale of other seed-applied treatments. It allows for easy application to existing seed treatment packages.


Seedworx™ BioMA is composed out of the following biologicals; 

- B. amloliquefaciens

- B. methylotrophicus 


These multiple biological strains provide dual treatment response increasing product performance. It leads to increased root growth which allows for more surface area for improved and increased nutrient uptake. The biologicals produce plant hormones that promote root hair development and aid in stress mitigation. It is environmentally friendly and amplifies the traditional plant growth by boosting the microbiome. 

It increases brand value. 


Seedworx™ BioMA is a thick pourable liquid formulation with a shelflife of 24 months once applied to the seed. 


Please see the application chart in the download section of this page for recommended application dosages.

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