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HortiBAC - ST
HortiBAC - ST

HortiBAC - ST

Biological seed treatment for horticultural crops

HortiBAC-ST brings back diversity in monocultures. The formulation consists of a unique blend of beneficial biostimulant bacteria which are also called ProBiotics. HortiBAC-ST enhances the plant's resilience against abiotic stresses. It is active in the root zone and stimulates the roots for better growth, root hair formation and absorption of water and nutrients while simultaneously inverts the oxidation of old roots. It allows the plant to be more tolerant of saline soils and plays an important role in plant development leading to yield increase and improved product characteristics. It is non-pathogenic and is found naturally in the soil and is not a GMO. 

It is adapted for a wide variety of horticultural crops and can be used in the soil as well as hydroponic and substrate cultures. 


HortiBAC-ST is supplied as a highly concentrated water-soluble powder and is added to the coating binder formulation during mixing and just before application. HortiBAC contains living bacteria strains and cannot be used with any disinfectant chemicals or plant protectant products. HortiBAC-ST is however compatible with BioCARE-ST and BioGEM-ST for broader biological activity during plant growth.

It conforms to European regulations EC834/2007 and is therefore also suitable for use in organic agriculture. 


HortiBAC-ST is a unique biological formulation containing > 100 billion cfu/g and composed of;

- selected strains of B. subtilis

- B. licheniformus

- B. amyloliquefaciens


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