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Growth Enhancing Mycorrhiza

CENTOR EUROPE's Growth Enhancing Mycorrhiza. A seed treatment formulation containing a unique selected blend of Mycorrhiza, allowing for rapid colonization of the root zone of a plant. The Mycorrhiza improves the soil condition, enhances root hair formation, whereby improving the uptake of plant nutrients and improved tolerance to a variety of abiotic stresses. 

BioGEM-ST is supplied as a highly concentrated water-soluble powder (20800 propagules / g) and is added to the seed coating binder before application to seed. Application at 1g/kg for Horticultural crops. BioGEM-ST contains living micro-organisms and the product cannot be used in combination with any disinfectant chemicals or plant protectant products. BioGEM-ST is compatible with BioCARE-ST and HortiBAC-ST/AgriBAC-ST for broader biological activity in the rhizosphere and soil microbiome.


BioGEM is compatible with the following Centor Europe Seedworx coatings;

- BioFriendly 1

- Flare 3

- Stix 1 (binder for pelleting)

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