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Videometer Lab - Agri-Edition

Videometer Lab - Agri-Edition


A powerful and multi-disciplinary vision based laboratory tool, based on multispectral visual scanning seed samples. It's used for fast and accurate determination of surface colour and chemical composition. The unit is an easy to use system whereby illumination, camera and computer technology have been integrated with advanced digital image analysis and statistics. The technology is particularly useful for quantitative measurements of chemical and visual properties of seed sample surfaces and among others used for:

  • Seed health: Determine if seed is contaminated with fungi and in certain cases which fungi is present on the seed
  • Seed physical purity analysis
  • Non-destructive seed genetic purity measurement in hybrid seed lots where the genetic traits of the female or male are expressed in the seed although not seen or distinguished by the human eye. 
  • Seed germination tests and counts
  • Root length measurements
  • Imbibition time
  • Single seed leakage
  • Seed quality aspects
  • Phytotoxicity levels
  • Mechanical damage
  • Chemical application during seed coating (distribution and single seed)
  • Cleaning Process protocol development and monitoring 
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