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The FluoMini Pro – Chlorophyll Seed Sensor
The FluoMini Pro – Chlorophyll Seed Sensor
The FluoMini Pro – Chlorophyll Seed Sensor

The FluoMini Pro – Chlorophyll Seed Sensor

SENDOT equipment

The FluoMini Pro – CF Seed Sensor is suitable for measurements of chlorophyll in seed samples. It is provided as a compact handheld device including an on-board sample holder. This equipment is the perfect tool for the determination of the ripeness of seeds to gain insight in storage strategies of seed lots. Additionally, the FluoMini Pro CF seed sensor could be used to monitor seed production fields to determine a more optimal harvest moment in the field through the measurement of chlorophyll fluorescence and correlating the result to seed maturity.

The seed samples can be placed directly onto the seed sample holder or collected in specially supplied glass vials which fit into the sample holder for direct reading. Within seconds the results are processed. 


The FluoMini Pro includes a logging function allowing for readings at specific intervals over time.   


FluoMini Sensor Software Suite

The software suite allows you to download the readings onto the computer for later reference, visualisations or calculations. 


Applications are;

  • To be used in the field as an indicator of seed maturity for harvesting decisions 
  • To be used in the warehouse by intake of freshly harvested seed lots for premium calculations 
  • by seed sorting as a quick indicator 
  • To be used in the seed lab as a quality measurement of maturity- as an indicator for storability- as an indicator for seed quality- as in indicator for vigour 

An extremely fast & mobile test where results can be obtained in 2 to 3 minutes with no further calculations needed. The system is completely mobile and little training required for operators measuring seed maturity on the base of chlorophyll content.


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