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Industrial seed coaters / batch treaters

Industrial seed coaters / batch treaters

As your independent Seed Technology specialist and provider, CENTOR EUROPE is able to listen to your seed coating challenges and product needs, able to translate this to seed coating products and suited coating technology. Although we do work with a preferred and leading European-based coating technology manufacturer, we are independent and objective and will be able to introduce you to the best partner for your industrial seed coating needs.

Industrial coaters that we work with are typically batch coaters based on the rotostat principle with capacities ranging from 20L to 330L and coating capacities from 9 - 35T/h (depending on the type of seed and coating protocol used). We assist companies to develop, upscale, and industrialize seed film-coating protocols as well as pelleting (enlarge size), encrusting (increase weight), or multiseed solutions. We also train the coating operators as part of our service even if you do not decide to use our coating.    


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