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Fresh approach - ISF 2022

Fresh approach - ISF 2022

Centor Group is committed to taking a fresh approach towards better crops, better environmental outcomes and better food. 

Established in 2012, originating from a group of independent companies, we offer over 10 years in the delivery of added value to the global seed industry.

We keep our mind and ears open to new ideas and use science to develop them to keep our customers ahead of the game.  As such, we were supplying the European industry with sustainable microplastic-free coatings, for both conventional and organic seed treatment applications, long before microplastic regulations were drafted.  As a Group, we deliver a constant flow of new sustainable products and innovations into the market.

Centor Group has a global footprint, yet operates locally. We deliver synergistic, customized solutions to our customers, and regard ourselves as international in the truest sense, whilst staying as close and committed to our customers as possible in everything we do.

‚ÄčOur ongoing investment in both people and technology provides a valuable knowledge base offering unique insights to our customers. From the integrity and brilliance of our seed coatings through to the sophistication of leading-edge analytical equipment, drying, and seed treatment machinery, we have the technology and knowledge to meet every challenge.


Come join us at the upcoming ISF World Seed Congress in Barcelona to learn more. We would be happy to welcome you to our trading table 121 (level 0 )