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Aginnovation Lab treaters available

Aginnovation Lab treaters available

April 2020

The well known and widely used North American Aginnovation coating equipment has become available in Europe and neighbouring countries. In this news article, we would like to fix your attention to two lab coaters we have available. 

  • The Rotary 4 is a very basic lab coater with a 10cm stator drum. This coater can treat as of little as 5g to 100g of seed, making it very interesting for R&D work, seed treatment trials, recipe development as well as the safe treatment of breeding samples for field trials. The coater contains commercial rotary batch machine technology, whereby trials in this machine are upscalable to larger machines. It has a full set of controls allowing for accurate and efficient reproduction of coating protocols. It has a manual loading, discharge and dosage system allowing for maximum flexibility during trial applications. A very economical coater. 
  • The Rotary 6 is a coater with a 15cm stator drum and can treat from 5g to 250g of seed.  Standard controls include a variable rotor speed control, manual on/off and discharge door unloading into an empty seed packet holder. Allowing for ease of use and full operator control. This coater also has a light inside the coating chamber for improved visibility during the coating process. Optionally a peristaltic pump for precise application of slurry treatment can be added as well as a PLC operated 3 timer system to control the pump, the coating cycle and the discharge door. Additionally, this can be expanded with a seed count option and entry of seed count for control of the liquid pump system. To clear the operator's hands there is an optional foot pedal for starting the coating sequence. 

Both these coaters weigh less than 5kg whereby they are easily transported and can work on any laboratory workbench.