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Bio-Based Coating

Bio-Based Coating

The world over has seen a developing understanding of the impact we have on our own environment.

The Centor Group has always held an appreciation for setting a high value on suitable product selection, maintaining standards higher than those actually required for its products. We have introduced a new range of products which clearly demonstrates our commitment to our customers who also value these ethics.

At Centor Europe we strive to develop the best natural binder coatings for the seed industry. This is just our way of committing to our children's future in a healthy and clean environment. We also believe that healthy balanced soils attribute to healthy plants, whereby we aim to bring your genetics to its true potential. This is our commitment to responsibly securing global food security.    

The use of materials which are bio-based means less synthetic materials is used in food production. The Biobased range is a multipurpose range with coatings suited for conventional agricultural seed treatment to organic seed coatings and coating binders suited for seed treatment with biostimulants and micro-organisms. Our first product in this range goes further than just using products which are sustainably sourced from natural ingredients, it is also organically certified under both European and NOP regulations.

Bio-Based Coating products