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Seed Treatment Machinery

Seed Treatment Machinery

Supplied by Centor Europe

The seed treatment machines have some unique features;

  • Treaters in various sizes from lab-scale to industrial 
  • Treaters are designed to handle everything from small-seeded to large-seeded crops.
  • Gentler handling of seeds
  • Stainless steel nurse tanks which result in easier cleaning and greater durability
  • Included wear bands in the treater bowl which allows for lengthened life of bowl and motor
  • Clear view lid allowing easy in-process visual monitoring
  • No need for a second lid which means there is no need to scrape dirty lids increased production efficiency and reduced maintenance cost
  • Treater cleaning takes less than 30 minutes
  • Desired control platform / components
  • The main control panel is mounted on the machine, not on a wall, the operator interface is on a swing arm right next to the treater action where an operator can view process and control treater at the same time if need be.  This allows for greater ease in the calibrating or development of coating recipes. For the smaller Rotary-4, Rotary-6 and Rotary-12 the panel is mounted to the machine not next to the drum as space is a premium. 
  • Recipe storage within PLC control for use, retrieval and editing
  • Recipes can be changed real-time between batches. They don't have to be backed out and re-entered or re-selected
  • Ability to integrated powder feeders if needed/desired with precise dosing capability through an OPC interface
  • Software subscription enabled remote upgrades and changes from Aginnovation electrical engineering
  • Weight in Loss application technology that is available for liquid and powder materials. These are centrally controlled via PLC. 


There are data collection and reporting options via central intelligence links.  Managers and operators can access the machine from any computer in the world to gain insight into the real-time process, or data such as production volume, efficiency, run/down-time, recipe programs and more.    


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