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Rotary 4
Rotary 4
Rotary 4

Rotary 4

Lab Rotary coater (10cm stator drum)

Rotary seed treatment and coating equipment

10cm Stator (drum)



  • Seed treatment
  • Film Coating
  • Build-up coating
  • Pelleting


  • Research samples
  • Trial seed samples
  • Ability to duplicate production scale treatments

Example capacity for seed treatment/coating (capacity for selected crops) depending upon seed density:

  • Broadacre crops = 5g up to 100g per batch
  • Horticulture crops = 5g up to 60g per batch




Commercial rotary batch machinery technology

Uniform and accurate seed treatment application on every sample

Ability to coat small sample batches for R&D, trial work and seed treatment recipe development

Quick and easy scale-up

Full set of controls for reproducing protocols

Greater efficiency and time-savings for large numbers of samples

Standard controls include variable rotor speed, manual on/off and discharge door unloading into empty seed packet holder.

Ease of use and full operator control


Product Description

  • 10cm (4-inch) drum, rotary seed treatment /coating equipment.
  • Basic control on /off
  • Variable rotor speed selection, with digital readout
  • Manual discharge system to unload into seed packet
  • Timer system for protocol consistency
  • Runs on either 110V/60hz or 220V/50hz single phase
  • Compact size: 32cm L, 15 cm W, 25 cm H
  • Weight 4.77 kg

Standard Equipment

Rotor / Stator with variable speed control and readout

Timer system to set Rotor run time

Manual loading of seed

Manual liquid dose system

Air assist to eliminate debris from entering the gap between rotor & stator

Discharge directly into the empty seed packet

Optional Equipment

Liquid product dispensing system with dispenser, stir plate and wand.

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